Monday, 19 October 2009

Its been a few days T.T

Update! update! update!
I can hear that from y'all. HAHAHA asi2

Hmm, today marked the first paper of the A-level exam: General Paper 1 n 2

It was sorta hard =(

I went out yesterday to RBC eating dimsum and ended up $30 short =)
I ditched the guys who they thought i am going to teacher's wedding.
Okay, i didnt ditch because i never made a promise so fuck you.

Then the night before, hmm
I went to the mall to catch a movie called '' WHITE OUT '' with ma fwenns.
The movie was boring -.- more like bullshit.
Guess what?

I met '' KAWAN ''
only some of u all know so HAHAHA.
Anyways, hes doing fine and hes with his wife =) hes 19 year old only and.. hes married -.-
He still has the same hairstyle and that annoying look HAHAHA XD
then then,
went for pool before heading back home to sleep =S

Volleyball is getting errmm challenging. Why KWANG why?
1) Everyones improving
2) The nets higher nw

I want to cut my fringe offff =( its so itchyyyyy
but i want to leave my hair long >.< for once.

Bye for now.

Enjoyingmaaalifeeee XD

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Thursday, 15 October 2009


Went to library late and didnt manage to get a spot on the uic's area.

Lesson 1:
Early birds get the worm i.e seat =S

then not long after,
went to sir farid's ''makan''.

After that,
my whole day was in the gym HAHAHA

Played volleyball.
Picking up volleyballs.
Gym is like my second home for the day =S
HAHAHAHAHA not funny =(

went back and played basketball for a bit before watching the Brunei Baraccudas matchup against KL dragons.

In the Miri newspaper, it was said that KL dragons was to whoop Brunei's ass.
Guess what?
Brunei burnt KL dragon's ass XD perfectly outstanding.... Brunei! Brunei! Brunei! <333

sleeeppppppppp until 8.30 this morning.

Messaged Najib asking him if there is anyone in library.
Ended up in gym meeting em again HAHA.
then then went to library before going out for a quick lunch.
After that, went for swimming =)

'' I can swim and can't float '' said Kwang.

Went to yappies for lunch again =S and to Eric's house for poker.


1) Adrian
2) Kwang
3) Kai
4) Eric
5) Nigel _l_ winning our money T.T

Study group
1) Farah
2) Tiqah
3) Ziqah
4) Hakim

Went back and played basketball again.

Need to be fit for the upcoming u23 T.T

i am not sure if anyone reads this blog.
but if you do,
thank you =)


P.S Tuitions are all cancelled -.-

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Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Welcome welcome to

Yes, i know what your thinking now.
'' This time would be the same again. Hangat-hangat tahi chicken ''.

Anyways, i decided to make a new blog because i am lazy to tell everyone i am reviving the old one. So why not just make a new one? *with no problems on the navigation of course T.T*

Mind you, i am using a very CLICHE blogskin because i am lazy to find any unique/lawa/beautiful/interesting ones to impress you all. All depends on the material written on it XD wuishhhh.

And and, i am using the old tagboard because i dont have any other emails to sign up for cbox over and over again HAHAHAHA.

Shadapppp, as long can use wahhh T.T

I think this year aint a good year for me.
I... injured myself again during volleyball just now =S

When i tried to save this ball, my knee knocked the edge of the blue bench -.-
Guess what,
the meat came out =(

and i am crying like hell now on my bed HAHAHAHA jk jk.

Najib say ada volleyball again 2moro.
=) or =(?

those who want to be linked,
ermm tell me arah tagboard.
*i doubt theres anyone tho' HAHAHAHAHAH!*


Look forward to my next post =)

*without injuries please =(*

Maktab Sains.

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